We have set up poortvanzeeland.nl because our experience has shown that a large number of holiday home rental companies have difficulty making their homes findable on the internet to find renters for their holiday home.

As a result, they often divert to rental portals that are known and place their holiday home there.

The problem with rental portals

The problem with rental portals and platforms is that in many cases they charge a commission per booking, sometimes up to 30% of the rental amount.

In addition, the landlord is often obliged to use their "booking interface", which is often not entirely focused on the rental of a holiday home.

This interface often comes from a hotel room rental application, for example, which is totally out of line with the rentalinterface of holiday homes.

Moreover, it is very difficult to process bookings made with a third party in your own rental administration, after all you have to "keep the truth" somewhere, for example, often not all the data of the tenant is always available and keeps the portal important information such as e-mail addresses behind.

This makes communicating with your customer in an efficient way, and making a good customer database, difficult.

Not handy and not very workable and it gives a lot of administrative hassle.

When you place your holiday home on poortvanzeeland.nl you can make a direct link to your own rental administration, so the tenant books directly via your own (rental administration) system or request form and not via the portal.

This makes managing your rental administration much simpler, more effective and easier.

This reduces the chance of a double booking, because the tenant can only book directly through your own system.

With poortvanzeeland.nl you are ready for a fixed amount per year per holiday home, your holiday home is easy to find and you only have to keep your own rental system up-to-date.